The Bourbon 30 Distillery

In the year 1789, a well known Baptist minister began distilling at his fulling mill still house adjacent to the Royal Spring. This location is hallowed ground in Kentucky, and identified today with an historical marker that reads:
"The Rev. Elijah Craig, founder of 'Craig's Classical School,' first distilled Bourbon Whiskey on this site in 1789. A pioneer from Virginia, the Rev. Craig set up his grain mill and used the fine limestone water of Royal Spring to develop the first sour mash process in the production of Bourbon. The Rev. Craig is also noted as the founder of the city of Georgetown and operated the first fulling mill and paper mill west of the Alleghany Mountains."
Today, the citizens of Georgetown, Kentucky are still using water from this historic limestone spring. It is here, nestled in the heart of downtown Georgetown, that an old story is being reborn near the well known as Royal Spring.

Owner Jeff Mattingly continues the tradition on this location.  Bourbon 30 Spirits Craft Distillery is a small, family-owned and operated business.  Our products are hand crafted by our Master Crafter, who painstakingly ensures that each and every bottle is of the highest quality and represents the highest standards of Bourbon 30 Spirits.  We take pride in every bottle that is produced and presented to the public.

What makes Bourbon 30 Spirits Craft Distillery different than other distilleries?  The answer lies in our approach to aging and finishing.  We don't just age our barrels, we craft them with an approach that is unique to the industry.  Master Crafter Jeff Mattingly meticulously monitors each barrel, working them to enhance the barrel's unique flavor based on charring, wood selection, aging location, and the interaction of other staves during the finishing process.

Come visit us at 130 South Water Street in Georgetown, Kentucky.  Enjoy a barrel tasting and artisan craft discussion.  We offer direct purchase of our Bourbon 30 Spirits and private barrel selection as well!

See what Bourbon 30 barrel crafting is all about.  It's Bourbon 30 time!! 
Bourbon 30 Craft Spirits Distillery
130 South Water Street
Georgetown, KY  40324
(502) 219-2551